IdeiaBiba is a company dedicated to creating events. We make our products formulas for success for our clients, always seeking for a comprehensive solution capable of solving the problem or need. We seek to be in the market bringing a young, dynamic and extremely professional concept. We make the difference through our creativity, know-how, and willingness to always serve our clients’ interest.

We are specialized in the youth and juvenile segment, in the shopping centers’ market. Also in brand activation through impact marketing events, without forgetting the sporting aspect, which was the genesis of the company. We pursue to guide our actions in order to serve the interests of our customers, choosing an appropriate and logical strategy.

Any successful business is supported by a unique and distinctive vision. IdeiaBiba has a single differential in the market. It combines a modern way of thinking online, with the expertise of 16 years working offline, focusing and positioning our work in three dimensions: events, exhibitions and brand activation.


IdeiaBiba projects/events have proven quality, confirmed by the many requests we have been receiving from all over the world, and also through partnerships with credible organizations, that gave us their seal to our projects.

The projection and the advantages exploited in the domestic market allowed us the opening of new areas of operation, which at this point mainly focus on the Eastern European market, with the development of events in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Macedonia also going through Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Brazil and Kazakhstan.

The Polish market was our first experience in terms of developing events abroad; This opportunity came in September 2006, with the “Kids on the Moon” event being featured in one of the biggest shopping centers in Europe – Manufaktura in Lodz.