Kids TT

Kids TT is an event for kids between 5 and 10 years old.
Considered to be one adventure, has one of its great objectives to promote the ecology and to learn to be “ecological”.

This way, uniting the playful character of the event to the pedagogical side, it is planned to sensitize the children (and not only) for the problems that exist in our environment.
Thus the promotion and creation of ecopoints, learning the separation of the domestic garbage, are some ways to develop the ecology as an habit for the children who will be the future of our Planet.The children will drive and play, learning in the process.
This project already had previous editions of great success and we had the participation of more than 38.000 children between 2001 the 2008.
Last year edition had more than 5.000 kids playing and learning and most importantly having fun!

Functioning Structure
Can be held in public spaces – indoor/outdoor.
Totally free for all the participants.