Match Day

When we see children playing football, it´s easy to see their feelings for the ball, the fluid movements, the joy, the cooperation, the competition, the challenges, the persistence, the commemoration, and an enormous energy. The children love to play, to feel, through football, a happy form of living.

Match Day will follow FIFA’s official tournament with the same 32 teams, groups and match schedules. The competition rules will follow the previous editions, although matches will take place on weekends.
Football is not an elite sport. It is open to all, independently of the size, the form, the color or the religion. It is a true democracy, that offers values of education, benefits of health, and social chances among other benefits. This sport is a wonderful way for the personal and sporting development of today´s youngsters.
Thus, the most important trophy here is the Fair-Play – this trophy is one of the icons of the event.
The Shopping Centre will be responsible for the signing up and invitations to pick all the 160 players necessary for the 32 teams – schools or local clubs can be invited.
After all the teams are enrolled a draw will be made to see what´s the national team that each team will represent during the event.
Each team will receive a kit with jersey+shorts (size S) with the national team colors, team name in the back and number. The teams will have 6 players (5 field players+1 sub)
A +18 adult will be the team manager and responsible for the team management.