bute – present in conference at Aveiro University

bute – present in conference at Aveiro University

“Carbon Economy – Energy, Environment & Sustainability”

IdeiaBiba was invited by the Students’ Union of Environmental Engineering (NEEA), University of Aveiro, to be present as a speaker at the conference that will take place on November 18 titled “Carbon Economy – Energy, Environment & Sustainability”. Our theme is related to the “Eco Mobility” and BUTE project that will be the project that we’ll expose to participants. We leave here more information about this event, and we join with the NEEA to invite the presence in the Amphitheatre of the Department of Environment and Planning of Aveiro University.

The event “The fight against climate change” should adopt an integrated and multisectoral strategy. A goal for the Kyoto Protocol, which places the Member States of the European Union in the next four years (2008-2012) is particularly demanding hence the importance of all society sectors. Note that CO2 emissions come mainly from combustion, one solution is energy efficiency. Driven by European Trade Emission Trading Scheme (CELE), carbon market has a unique growth potential. This market creates constraints on companies but at the same time, could represent new challenges, such as technological innovation. The legislation that approves the National Energy Certification and Indoor Air Quality in Buildings requires the Member States to implement a system of energy certification to ensure the improvement of the energy performance and indoor air quality in buildings. This initiative is particularly relevant in the fight against climate change, contributing to greater rationalization of energy consumption. In the transport sector, the options go through cleaner technologies (fleet renewal), intermodality or encouraging the use of public transport. This event aims at presenting issues related to research in several areas mentioned above, in its application and feasibility by several speakers.

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