Great Towers

To some represents the fascination and admiration for the boldness of the engineering and architecture, for others the magnificence and grandeur of a building, nobody is indifferent to these mega structures that defy the imagination of us all.

This is a project developed in association with the World Federation of Great Towers (WFGT).
The event will feature 12 of the most famous towers that are members of the WFGT. These towers will be produced in a scale model and the towers will have between 1,5 mts and 6 mts height. This will allow a cool display for any venue.

We intend to have an interactive element, aimed to provide more information about each tower (construction date, interesting statistics, and trivia, among other options). If possible it will be included the panoramic view from the top of each tower, making available a 360º virtual* tour to everyone.

Another feature of the event is a photographic exhibition with images provided by the selected towers.

It is an event to see – working as an exhibit, and also to create interaction with clients of the venue that receives this event.

*This option is still under discussion with WFGT and his members.