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KOOn Italy – Bambini sulla Luna

Kids On The Moon is in Italy today until May 2! “Bambini Sulla Luna” is the name in Italian and the event is in Valecenter Shopping Centre, in Venice.

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KOON – M1 Czeladz 2009

Kids On The Moon started in M1 Czeladz and will be in 8 cities in Poland until December 2009. The event as some new features, but the dynamic remains the same.

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KOON – back to Poland

IdeiaBiba just signed an exclusive contract with the German chain of shoppings M1 for the presentation of the project Kids On The Moon in eight shopping centres in Poland over eight months.
Following this agreement, it will be developed a new structure of this project, built from scratch for the Polish market, where IdeiaBiba wants to consolidate its presence. The new structure will be more efficient, including also a new line of merchandising and promotional activities.

Pioneer in the development of events in Poland since 2006, IdeiaBiba has a new operational team for this market, created earlier this year.
Kids On The Moon also gives rise to new features that will be part of this event in various international markets.
Currently, Kids On The Moon includes a road-show for shopping centres of Sonae Sierra in Portugal, Spain and Italy. Later this year, the project will be in Turkey, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria!

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koon – Rio Sul Shopping 2009

Kids on the Moon runs from Mars 20 to April 5, in Rio Sul Shooping – Seixal.
With different thematic areas, including most importantly Space Modules – Earth and Moon – an exhibition of photographs, spatial replicas, replicas of spacesuits that children can wear, space telescopes replicas, information about the solar system and the opportunity to take a photo wearing the spacesuit of an astronaut.
In Lunar and Terrestrial Module children will feel they are in a real space mission, where they will be able to watch an introductory film with pictures and information about space exploration, planet Earth and the Solar System, as well as simulate the effect of moonwalk while they wear the spacesuits.
For toddlers, aged between 0 and 5 years will be a playground, an area with a setting decorated with the astronomy theme, where children can draw and paint pictures of all the space adventure.
In another area of the exhibition will be available several models and replicas of space shuttles, lunar and land vehicles, rockets from the Apollo program to the last vehicle to be used by NASA and ESA, which will delight visitors.

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KOON – LoureShopping 2009


The event will run until Mars 15 in LoureShopping.

After Bilbao, in Spain, Kids On The Moon is back in Portugal. Now is the turn of LoureShopping receive the event from February 27 to March 15!

Video here:

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koon – Max Center 2009

Kids On The Moon 2009 edition already began!
From 5 to 21 February, “Niños A LA Luna” (in spanish) takes place in Max Center, in Bilbao, Spain, which matches with with the International Year of Astronomy and also with the 40th anniversary of the arrival of Men to the Moon. For that reason, this “spacial adventure” will bring some new stuff that will make children dream!
After Bilbao, this 2009 edition road show will run through Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Poland e back to Spain again!
The event official calendar will be available soon!

Event news by spanish media here:

Afterwards, in an interview to Manuela Calhau, Head of Marketing Europe from Sonae Sierra, an international expert in shopping centres with a huge passion by introduce innovation and enthusiasm to retail commerce industry, we can read: “Children have a lot of needs such as fun, safety, complicity, self-expression among others so, if brands could help in such factors, then it will be more relevant for kids and their parents. (…) The first step is understand them to turn a retail space into a games centre as in this case that were 2.600 astronauts landed in a shopping centre.” – talking about the impact of an activity specially designed for children in a shopping centre.

Full interview here:

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Fashion and Bikes

What´s common between the bicycles made for the Spanish Royal Family, the one made for the Vitor Baía 99 Foundation that was bought by 200.000 people and BUTE (bicycles for students use) that won the national mobility award and it´s a unique project worldwide?

All were developed by Zamaro, a Portuguese bike art designer. Now imagine a fashion show held in one of Aveiro´s most charming places – Manuel Firmino Market, making the debut of this venue in fashion shows and bringing a new colorful meaning to this market daily life. “CÁ NO MERCADO” (Here in the market) is the name of this initiative.

In this 1st edition of “fashion and bikes” we invited some of Aveiro´s prestigious fashion stores such as CARACTER, TEENS POWER, VANITÁ and VERSÁTIL, that will present the latest trends for fall-winter fashion.
The models are true clients from these stores and some of Aveiro´s VIP´s will also step and shine into this exclusive catwalk.

Zamaro will also present for the first time it´s new BKI Cruisers collection, including some new models developed for King Juan Carlos of Spain and his wife Queen D.Sofia. BUTE, the most recent project developed will also be in the spotlight for this event. New models inspired in the UK icon MINI will be also unveiled for the first time.
Aveiro´s bike called BUGA will have its own BUGArt, a different view from the bike artist.

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