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The awareness campaign for the regular use of the bicycle, promoted by the AU and local authority, with the support of the Academic Association and Salgado Council, during this academic year, will be publicly presented this Monday, September 21, the day of the session Reception for new UA students. The activities of the “Lifecycle – um curso com pedalada” culminate in the evening with a bike tour of the city, on the “1st Bike of the University of Aveiro”.

Ideiabiba joined the event providing about 80 bikes, free.

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KOON- Turkey 2009

Kids On The Moon is available at Kanyon Shopping Center, Istanbul, Turkey, from 1st to 20th September.
This shopping centre is the most modern venue in the city and the event scenario is displayed in a setting of great beauty.
We expect around 5000 children!
From September 26 the event will be available in Bucharest, Romania.
With these two events IdeiaBiba strengthens its investment and presence in foreign markets.

Meanwhile we are already preparing new projects and events for 2010! Stay tuned!

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koon – 2nd phase of the roadshow in Poland

It begun on the last 13th of August, in M1 Shopping Centres, in Poland.
The event remains in the south of Poland, this time until the 4th September in Bytom.
After Czeladź, Krakow and Częstochowa the event had more than 10.000 children so far!
During this summer break several materials were renewed and improved in order to maintain the quality of the event.

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Aquashow Junior Space Center

July 20, 2009 will go down in history as the inauguration day of Aquashow Junior Space Center.

IdeiaBiba developed the first Junior Space Center of the Iberian Peninsula, to the water park Aquashow Park, the best amusement park in the Algarve.

This date has a special symbolism, because it coincides with the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the arrival of man on the moon.

The Junior Space Center is available in a space of 1200m2, where children can fitting into a real astronaut’s shoes and increase their love for astronomy.

With adapted programs to leisure during the summer season (June to September), as well as school programmes and weekend programmes open to the public (October to May), this event is able to accommodate children of different nationalities.

With the same quality as the original event Kids On The Moon, the new project will have some updates that will make it even more attractive, especially with the inclusion of new technological and visual solutions.

José Nuno Amaro (IdeiaBiba) and Celestino Santos (Aquashow) share the same opinion about this new attraction: “One small step for the Algarve but a great event for the Aquashow Family Park. Junior Space Center will serve to keep the dream of achievement and the interest about space of all children.”

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VW – Alive 2009!

From July 9 to 11 who visited the Optimus Alive09! in Oeiras, easily saw the presence of VW stand.
Our ECO Lounge was doubled in size and area, and this allow us to have a bigger bar zone and also the coolest sightseeing spot for the event stage where were Metallica, Placebo, Prodigy, among other big names.
This 1st floor was exclusive for VW guests that had access to drinks, puffs, pinball and also the possibility of knowing in firsthand the new VW Polo soon available in the market.
The ground floor was open to all the party people and was the spot for VW gifts giveaways.

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Kite Masters 2009

Bruno Sroka and Steph Bridge won!
The day started out cloudy with a slight breeze but by mid day the skies cleared and the temperature soared so it was quite hot on the beach since there was little to no wind.
Competitors, who showed up to the beach, were recovering from last night’s party or relaxing while waiting for the wind. Race Director Olaf Van Tol set the riders meeting at 12:00 pm hoping that the wind would cooperate between 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. By the time the riders meeting got underway, bad news arrived regarding the engine of the boat being used for the event was stolen. With the wind seemingly uncooperative, plunging quickly to around 4 knots plus the unfortunate news, Van Tol decided to cancel the day by an hour early. Instead of releasing the riders at 5:00 pm, the race director decided to call the day off by 4:00 pm to give everyone enough time to pack their gear before the awards ceremony at the beach.

Meanwhile, there was a nice swell for long board surfing so Kevin Langeree (Naish, NED) took the opportunity to find a surf board and with the assistance of the jetski operator, was towed into the incoming sets.

Bruno Sroka (North, FRA) won the men’s racing event while Steph Bridge (North, GBR) won the women’s title. Our congratulations to all the winners!

International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) Executive Secretary Markus Schwendtner was at the event site as the official IKA representative and this is what he has to say:
“It was a nice event – perfect venue for racing and a perfect venue for Freestyle with side-offshore wind. We were a little bit unlucky with the wind today but that’s the nature of the sport. I think everybody was amazed at what’s possible in racing with the latest event that transpired here, from being able to go in low wind that gave us so many opportunities to go to any places in the world – that was amazing.”

See you next year!

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KOON – Hungary 2009 – with astronaut Bertalan Farkas

Kids on The Moon is now available in Budapest, Hungary at Europark from today till May 30.

In the opening ceremony we had the presence of Mr.Bertalan Farkas, the first hungarian astronaut!
Children (and adults) were impressed by Mr. Farkas presence and speach.
The dream of being an astronaut is very strong and today we had more than 200 kids “trying” to be the future hungarian astronaut!

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