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VW – Nauticampo

Ideiabiba developed and implemented the concept of the Volkswagen stand for the 2010 Nauticampo-Boat Show which begins today and ends on 7th February.

The stand of 15×12 meters has been designed to fit the theme of the Boat Show, and suitable for the presence of VW vehicles – the VW Touareg, VW Tiguan, VW Caravelle, using for this scenario based on natural elements like grass and various plants.

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IdeiaBiba celebrates 10 years!

The Diário de Aveiro newspaper launched together with IdeiaBiba a special supplement with reference to the most important facts and to the projects for the future in this commemorative day.

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RYK-B introduced to the President of Portugal

At the invitation of the Municipality of Murtosa, IdeiaBiba unveiled today its new mobility project, called – RYK-B (Recycling Koncept Bike), a prototype made of wood highly resistant and environmentally copy, together with a revolutionary concept of manufacturing.
With the presentation of our new project we had the visit of His Excellency the President of the Portuguese Republic Professor Aníbal Cavaco Silva, who also attended the presentation of the project “Murtosa cycling”.
We had the opportunity to exchange some words with the President and various elements of his party, noting the words of appreciation and encouragement towards our new venture.

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SIVA – VW & Audi

IdeiaBiba developed and produced the Volkswagens and Audi stands layout to be present in this year’s edition of the Expo Salão that ran from 5 to 8 November.

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KOON – 2009

Right from Bucharest, in Romania, Kids On The Moon arrives in the region of Murcia, in Spain and is available until November 1st in Dos Mares Shopping Centre, owned by Sonae Sierra.
The 2009 road show began in Spain, in Max Centre – Bilbao and ends in the same country, after its presence in Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Turkey and Romania.
Currently we have another road show in M1 Shopping Centre, in Poland. The event is available in the city of Poznan until the end of the month, then its traveling to Radom.
From February until now we had the presence of more than 44,000 children in various venues that we visited!

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Cá no Mercado 2009

On October 4, Manuel Firmino Market, in Aveiro, was sold out once again to receive the 2nd edition of “Cá No Mercado” – IdeaBiba social event.
This initiative was attended by children aged 3 to 10 years, who underwent a fashion junior show with the presentation of the autumn-winter collection of some of Aveiro´s prestigious shops: PRENATAL, BW KIDS, TEENS POWER, JACADI and MARQUES SOARES.
The event wanted to boost the market image and also had a social purpose to support the new “Association of Parents and Friends of People with Trisomy 21” in Aveiro. The event also included some children with the mentioned disease and all the revenues were given to the association.
The presentation was in charge of Bibá Pitta (author of “Chromosome of Love” – mother of a child with Trisomy 21), a VIP always available to support these causes.

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KOON – Romania 2009

After the presence in Istanbul, where in 20 days received 2,458 children, Kids On the Moon continues in Eastern Europe, this time in Bucharest, Romania, in Baneasa Shopping City, until October 7.

This is our second visit to this shopping center after the event Europeuzito, in 2008.

We are hoping a strong commitment on the part of the children – astronaut candidates – once this time of year coincides with the beginning of the school season.

The second structure of the Kids On the Moon that is permanently in Poland ended yesterday, on 28 September, in the mall M1 Marki, in Warsaw and moves now to Poznan.

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