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KOON – Junior Space Center

After 5 years of international experience with the project Kids On The Moon, IdeiaBiba developed for AQUASHOW aquatic park, located in Quarteira – Algarve, the first Junior Space Center of the Iberian Peninsula and the few available worldwide.

This space is ready to receive children who visit the park with their families, enjoying the playful side of the event but always with a strong educational purpose.

The event will operate all year round, although their pedagogical side is restricted for Portuguese and Spanish schools with scheduled visits between late September and May – school programs season.

Junior Space Center it’s a permanent version of the event Kids On The Moon with an interactive side available through several applications and games.

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VW Estoril Open

IdeiaBiba has developed a several elements representing VW, in Estoril Open 2011, through car platforms, stands, static decoration, children’s activities and promotional activities.
The main structure – ECO Lounge was the center stage of the brand in the event which was at the disposal of RFM to emissions from the field.
The VW Beetle circuit for kids and the inflatable path of this activity were also present in Jamor througout the event.

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CNL Croatia – Serbia

Kids On The Moon was in Zagreb, Croatia, in King Cross Jankomir shopping centre from 15th March till 23rd April. At this moment the event is in UŠĆE Shopping Center in Belgrade (Serbia) where it will be available till 1st of June – International Children’s Day!
Next events will be in Slovakia and Bulgaria in June.

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koon – Lithuania and Croatia

Kids On The Moon is now present in two new countries: in Lithuania, in Vilnius, at OZAS Shopping Center (March 8-27) and in Croatia, in Zagreb, in King Cross Jankomir (March 15-April 23).
Lithuania is the 10th country to host the event and Croatia the 11th! Later this year we will be in Serbia, Bulgaria and Slovakia!

Here’s a BRIEF STATISTIC SUMMARY of the event:
Countries: 9 visited, 4 new in 2011
Locations: 41 venues
Total Children: 262.746 (updated Dec 2010, following clients numbers)
Number of days: 1.076 days
Distance made: 74.380 kms

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IdeiaBiba just signed the very first brand activation for Delveste Group by devising and designing the Gant store opening in Fórum Aveiro wich took place on March 19 last – a partnership that provides more store openings and also the development of new concepts to promote the brand among its customers.

The inauguration was attended by the brand representatives Raquel Loureiro and Manuel Serrão and received the visit of hundreds of people who did not want to miss the opportunity to personally see new Spring/Summer colection as well as the the brand’s first Aveiro store.

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Portugal Tourism Centre

The Portugal Tourism Centre attended the last edition of BTL with a stand designed, produced and assembled by the IdeiaBiba’s team and thus assumes its new valence services: design and produce stands.
This way, IdeiaBiba, leader in events design and organization for kids, reached a new business area making us more responsive to customers demands.

As the Portugal Tourism Centre, also Volkswagen and Siva Group, chose IdeiaBiba as a partner for the design, production and assembly of their stand on the biggest show of music and performing arts held in Portugal – Optimus Alive.

Over the past six years, IdeiaBiba was present in Europe, in countries such as Poland, Turkey (where it remains to this day – which allowed the creation of a subsidiary and several local partnerships), Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy and Greece.

Since the beginning of the year we have strengthened our international presence, entering countries such as Croatia, Serbia, Lithuania and Bulgaria, having already signed several contracts for the development of activities throughout the year. In this way, we project the years of 2011 and 2012 so that these are the years to conquer new markets. For this purpose, partnerships are being established with Russian and Brazilian events agencies in order to implement the several actions in respective markets.

Unlike most other national companies, IdeiaBiba realized that in the current difficult economic climate it would be a good opportunity to diversify their services and restructure the anchor-projects that enabled remarkable growth rates over the past few years.

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Draft House – Architecture and Design Event

“Who arrive by bike to the fair, gets free entrance!”

Urban regeneration, design, architecture, ecology and sport – all in the same exhibition! Definitely the Draft House – Architecture and Design Event, will not be just another fair. From 25 to 28 November will be exhibited innovative projects in this field in Exponor. A ‘green event’, where those who arrive by bicycle gets free entries and can also use a bike lane on the fairgrounds. IdeiaBiba joined this project and placed 20 specially decorated bicycles which are available to be used by visitors. This is the first time that Exponor uses this concept in their events and is also the first action that we perform in this way.

Picture: Projecto Casa 2008

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