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kids in space

This is not just another project…this is the project! Make dreams come true and encourage children to believe that’s what make our work so rewarding and inspiring! IdeiaBiba and Anymall are just that…”

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Remarkable Projects

This was the signature that IdeiaBiba and its brazilian counterpart Anymall chose to set his DNA. “Remarkable Projects” means exactly what we intend to share with the projects created by the team of IdeiaBiba and Anymall. The different life experiences and expertise of each employee, the diversity of thoughts and genuine creative ability of them all, is what makes it capable to raising new projects that enable the most demanding public, children, feel unique and memorable emotions.

The secret of IdeiaBiba and Anymall projects recipe is not complex, thus, are much less complex the structures and logistics of the projects that IdeiaBiba and Anymall conceive. The secret lies in keeping the ideas simple.

Simple ideas turned into success for our customers, both in Europe and now in Latin America, this way of creativity becomes stronger and produces the same emotions and feelings of all those children who participate in our events.

Thus, these projects become memorable and make thousands, millions of children and adults are able, even if only for a day, to be what they ever dreamed of.

“Kids in The Moon with Astronaut Marcos Pontes” arrived in São Paulo. The megalopolis surrendered to the simplicity of the event and to humility of this brazilian hero, astronaut Marcos Pontes. Running in the South Plaza Shopping since last June 17, there were already hundreds of children who were able to “travel” into the space; a space made of dreams, stories and adventures where the importance about studying and school, as well as the responsibility to take care of our planet, has been passed on to them.

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Next Stop: Latin America

After scoring presence across Europe for more than 6 years, the dream finally came true and 2012 is the year of the company’s expansion to Latin America.

With an headquartered office in Brazil, in Curitiba city, IdeiaBiba began its expansion commercializing its most charismatic event Kids On The Moon with various groups of malls in Brazil. The first contract was made with Sonae Sierra and predicts the presence of the event for a year in malls group Sonae Sierra Brazil.

The same event is already being marketed for the year 2013 and 2014 with the largest group of malls in the world, BR MALLS. This first step also serves to IdeiaBiba can produce two big projects, selling them to their customers.

IdeiaBiba expected later this year, the growth of the structure of employees in Brazil and discuss the possibility of changing the office, currently in Curitiba to São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro in order  to be closer to its customers and inserted in the largest economic market in Latin America.

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kids in space with astronaut Marcos Pontes

The dream was old and it was only possible to achieve the commercialization of the project Kids On The Moon for Latin America after the  restructuring of the company and redefining new goals.

Adapted to the Brazilian reality, the project Kids On The Moon, saw his name be changed to “Kids in Space with Astronaut Marcos Pontes” and counts on the approval of Foundation Marcos Pontes and the Brazilian Space Agency.

Our entry into the Brazilian market has been made possible through the contract made with Sonae Sierra Brasil Group which provides exclusive event in the malls Group:  Boavista Shopping, Franca Shopping, Manauara Shopping, Parque Dom Pedro Shopping, Pátio Brasil Shopping, Shopping Campo Limpo, Shopping Metrópole, Shopping Penha, Shopping Plaza Sul, Tivoli Shopping, Uberlândia Shopping.

The event’s opening day took place on March 28, in Uberlândia city, which with little more than ten days from the opening day, the number of visitors already exceeds two thousand children.

Astronaut Marcos Pontes has attended on the very first day of the event, who shared his firsthand story leaving a motivation message about the importance of education and teaching of Brazilian children and also about the importance of taking care of our planet through eco-responsible actions.

The event will be held in Uberlândia until next April 27, reaching Campina, to Parque Dom Pedro’s mall, in early May.

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kids on the moon – europe

Kids On The Moon event arrived in 2012 to the Polish city of Kielce. From 20th January till 5th February the event was in Galeria ECHO Kielce. We moved to Slovenia where the event had his debut in Europark Maribor, from 24th February till 4th March with the name “Otroci,dobrodosli na luni”. We followed to the capital city – Ljubljana, where we stayed in Citypark from 7 to 18 March.

Already in the next week we go back to Poland, this time in Glogów, where the event will be available from 12 to 23 April. Until the end of the year the event structures will be available in several cities on Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Montenegro, Italy and Turkey.

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Rebranding: IdeiaBiba

“Turn IdeiaBiba into a nacional and international reference mark”

The IdeiaBiba’s managers trace the company’s future based on this concept of simplicity and determination; however IdeiaBiba went through different development processes in their way of operating in the market for the past twelve years. If at the beginning IdeiaBiba was a company focused on the development of the events and  sporting activities, over time has become a company that develops new actions and event concepts, intended largely to a younger audience.

With our expertise and know-how of national and international market, IdeiaBiba developed important business relationships and partnerships with brands that have realized the great advantage of being able to count on the creative contribution of our projects.


In an increasingly demanding market, IdeiaBiba established as a priority the need to create solutions that allow to brands and partners differentiate themselves in the market.  Thus, IdeiaBiba moved from a small company that used ran sports activities to a company recognized nationally and internationally for its innovative projects that ensure a quality seal backed by important entities associated with each event.

Throughout the years, IdeiaBiba  naturally became a company  intended  to criation, conception and corporative events production, as well as socials, promotionals and brand activation, also providing management services of Media Relations and Social Engagement.

Through impact-marketing, on the eco-mobility and sports sides, its products are specialized to youth segment,  reaching more than half a million children in recent years.

In this sense, this brand-new company’s image it’s a  process of growth in a creativity and innovation context, to bet on the international market, without ever losing its identity and ambition  which has led us to where we are today.

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koon – UŠCE Shopping Center

The Kids On The Moon was present in Belgrade in Serbia at Usce Shopping Center where we had the visit of 6000 children.

At this time the event is in Galleria Stara Zagora in Bulgaria until June 29. The second structure is in Bratislava in Slovakia, in Avion Shopping Park, which will be available until July 4.

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