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KIDS ON THE MOON @Africa–:–>

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siva _brand activation

In the last few months we have been working in many different events and Brand activations for our client SIVA, mostly with their brands Volkswagen and Audi.
We continue to support Volkswagen on their roadshow in the Shopping Centers all over Portugal, we have been assembling their stand at The Greenfest Festival and many more.
Recently we have implemented the decorations for the portuguese Audi stands and also some small brand activations for the launch of their newest model, the Audi Q2.

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kids on the moon@italy

Our event “Kids on The Moon” Was in Bologna, Italy, for a few weeks and The italian Kids were delighted.
After Italy it went to Burgas, Bulgária, where it will be until tomorrow!
You can still check it at Burgas Plaza!

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SEA TO SEE@hungary roadshow

We have been away from Facebook but our event “Sea to See” didn’t stopped after Budapest!
The event was in Bucharest from the 23rd of June until the 24th of July and then it went back again to Hungary, but this time to Debrecen for more 18 days in September.
At this moment we are preparing the structure for a Roadshow here in Portugal starting at the beginning 2017, stay tuned!

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SEA TO SEE@budapest

Sea To See just docked in Budapest at Allee Shopping Centre, Hungary!
Little sailors, we are waiting for you until june 19!
See you on board!

More info here

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For the very first time in Portugal, we just docked Sea to See in GaiaShopping harbour!
From march 17 until april 17 with free entrance for all the kids!
We’ll keep on board waiting for you to pull up the anchor and start another great adventure through the sea!

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ideiabiba 16th bday

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